Theatre National de Bretagne with Cecile Mclorin Salvant

A fantastic gig in Rennes with the wonderfully talented Cecile. La Section Rythmique has been lucky to perform some concerts with Cecile over the last couple of years. What a voice!

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Fapy Lafertin Trio UK tour dates

Here is the gig list for the upcoming tour of the UK with Fapy Lafertin and Dave Kelbie. Looking forward to the Edinburgh jazz festival and some great gigs around london too. I hope to see you at one of the concerts!!


Here’s a video from a spring concert in france with Lollo Meier and Andy Aitcheson joining the trio….

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For more information Visit the Lejazzetal website

1st International Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival

Wow – what a great weekend in Bristol. A big congratulations to Denny Illet for programming a wonderful three days. Apparently, they are all set to go again next year. Well Done Bristol! I went over with July Saury and Harry Kanters. Here are some photos of our trio set with Harry, our trio set with Denny and a few from the Jam. You might just be able to make out Pee Wee Ellis and Lillian Boutte in a few of them who were regular late-nighters…

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And here’s a bonus video of lillian whipping up a storm. Sorry about the quality – I’m not sure who’s phone took this!

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Lillian Boutte and the Bristol Jam Session Band|

  1. Wild Man Blues Evan Christopher Fapy Lafterin Quartet 5:35
  2. Echoes of Spring Three Blind Mice 3:58
  3. Someday You'll Be Sorry Tcha Limberger Trio With Mozes Rosenberg 5:07