1st International Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival

Wow – what a great weekend in Bristol. A big congratulations to Denny Illet for programming a wonderful three days. Apparently, they are all set to go again next year. Well Done Bristol! I went over with July Saury and Harry Kanters. Here are some photos of our trio set with Harry, our trio set with Denny and a few from the Jam. You might just be able to make out Pee Wee Ellis and Lillian Boutte in a few of them who were regular late-nighters…

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And here’s a bonus video of lillian whipping up a storm. Sorry about the quality – I’m not sure who’s phone took this!

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Lillian Boutte and the Bristol Jam Session Band|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIW15IHBLVQ

  1. Wild Man Blues Evan Christopher Fapy Lafterin Quartet 5:35
  2. Echoes of Spring Three Blind Mice 3:58
  3. Someday You'll Be Sorry Tcha Limberger Trio With Mozes Rosenberg 5:07