Live! Django a la Creole – CD

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our new recording, “Django à la Créole: ‘Live’!” We professionally recorded the last four concerts of our 2012 season, and arranged the best tracks into a concert-length experience. Our friends at Frèmeaux and Associates were enthusiastic to help, and though it took some time to finish the production, we think it was worth the wait.

Thank you all for your continued support. The reception of the first two CDs was encouraging, as well as the demand for us to release some live material. We look forward to thanking you in person sometime this year at one of our 2014 shows celebrating the new CD. Effective March 1, it is available here on our new website as well as the usual places including (blank, blank & blank with hypertext links). We have even posted a couple of tracks on Soundcloud that you can enjoy and share.

Vive Django! Vive New Orleans! See you soon,
Evan Christopher & DalaC

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– Distributed in the U.K. by Discovery Records
– Distributed in France by Socadisc / Frémeaux & Associés
– Distributed in Spain by Karonte
– Distributed in Canada by SRI
– Distributed in Japan by YTT


  1. Wild Man Blues Evan Christopher Fapy Lafterin Quartet 5:35
  2. Echoes of Spring Three Blind Mice 3:58
  3. Someday You'll Be Sorry Tcha Limberger Trio With Mozes Rosenberg 5:07